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Thinking Circles

Thinking Circles give children an opportunity for their voice to be heard and each represent their class at different points during the year.  Our Thinking Cirlces will take place half termly and a question or issues will be presented during assembly on a Monday morning.  Thinking Circles will take place throughout school on a Thursday morning instead of assembly and then several children will feedback from each class the key points to Mrs Williams and Mrs Day.

Second Thinking Circle session:

In our second Thinking Circle session we wanted to find out about the children’s understanding of the word RESPECT in preparation for an upcoming whole school learning experience inspired by the Anti-Bullying Alliance, Choose Respect. Their views would form a baseline for our learning experience and help us to plan the children’s next steps:

-What is your understanding of the word respect?
-How would you define respect?

-Does everyone deserve respect?

-What would a respectful community feel like?


First two Thinking Circles will cover:

* Home School Agreements - reviewing and rewriting

We have been using our Thinking Circle time in school to refresh our ‘Home-School agreement’. We felt that it was time to revisit the agreement and ensure it reflects our expectations and is owned by all those who are asked to sign it. We discussed the home-school agreement at the most recent ‘Cuppa and Chat’ and made some minor alterations to the parent part of the agreement. One of the key changes for the children’s part of the agreement is wording the statements around our learning behaviours as part of our commitment to embedding them into our school community. A copy of the agreement will come to all families in the New Year and we would be enormously grateful if you could discuss the agreement as a family before signing and returning it. 

* The future of house points - how do we celebrate learning?