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Patron of Reading

We are DELIGHTED that Sophy Henn became our Patron of Reading in September 2019. A Patron of Reading is a school's special children's author, poet, storyteller or illustrator. We will develop a relationship with Sophy over a period of time. Everything Sophy does is related to helping encourage and develop a reading for pleasure culture at our school.

We feel so privileged to have this incredibly special link with Sophy, particularly because her books resonate with our core beliefs.
One of our favourite of Sophy’s books is ‘SUPER DUPER YOU’ which finishes with the words:
Please try to remember with everything you do…
Be Bold. Be Proud. Be Brilliant.
A super-duper you!

This is everything we want for the children who come to Fishbourne Primary School.

Keep checking in with this page to see how our relationship develops over time. Sophy’s first visit to our school will take place on Thursday 19th September when she will spend the whole day in school with us, getting to know the children and staff.

If you would like to learn more about Sophy, please do check out her website: